About Us

We're a small custom machine shop in North Texas designing and manufacturing custom parts for a number of classic autos and mostly motorcycles. In 2008, we decided to put out a website for some of the motorcycle products that might have a following, thus Custom Rider Motorcycles.

Most of our guys have been riders, wrench turners and fabricators for many years and we all share that passion for making a motorcycle or classic street cruiser as unique as the individual. We don't do as many full blown projects anymore, but we still like doing the occasional one off when it's a good working fit between us and the customer.

The online shop for motorcycle accessories is built on the strong relationships with dealer networks, and suppliers. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom parts for metric motorcycle cruisers; when we don't find that cool design or custom part we want, we make them from scratch creating custom parts that “bolt-on”.

We'll continue to innovate, design and fabricate new products as long as it keeps the lights on. We'll partner with new suppliers and expand the product lines. We'll design, build, and provide the products that help most riders turn their motorcycle into a one of a kind.

Enjoy Life.   Enjoy The Ride.


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Phone:  469-361-2464

Sales:  sales@customrider.net

General Inquiries:  info@customrider.net

Technical Support:  tech@customrider.net