Technical Articles

          Learn how to accurately check the oil level of your Roadstar, Roadliner, Stratoliner or Warrior motorcycle.

Yamaha published this great short video on the proper
method to change and check your motorcycles oil level.
Check it out

Here's a list of vendors oil filters that will also fit
the XV1900 engine.

          Error codes and how to check for them.

Recently we had a Raider come into the shop that was sputtering, and bucking like a bronco bull while moving. If it feels like bad gas or cutting out at a given speed.
If it stalls at a light or throws and error code 15, it's likely the throttle control sensor.  Have your dealer check the throttle control sensor. In the meantime, we've added a tech article for reading and checking error codes on the Yamaha Raider.

1. Press and hold the Reset button
2. Turn ignition to ON and keep holding the Reset until "diag" appears on the LCD (about 5 seconds).
3. Now press and hold Reset and Select buttons at the same time and hold for about 5 seconds until you enter the diagnostics list.
4. Now you can press Select to move up, or Reset to move back through all available codes. Among them are throttle position sensor, temperature etc.

Part I :
01 : Throttle position - must be from 15-17 (closed) to 97-100 (opened)
02 : Atmospheric pressure given in mmHg (normal is 760 - average weather)
03 : Differential pressure between air and intake pipe
05 : Air intake temperature (in Celcius)
06 : Cooling liquid temperature (in Celcius)
07 : Absolute speed (must be 000 in garage). Check with rear weel.
08 : Lean angle safety switch control - must be from 0.4-1.4 (upright) to 3.8-4.2 (horizontal). DISMOUT THE SWITCH FOR CHECKING !!!
09 : Battery voltage - must be above 12.0
20 : Side stand switch - displays ON or OFF
21 : Neutral gear switch - displays ON or OFF

Part II : ECU memory check
60 : EEPROM error code presence - 00 means no default, 01 or 02 means default on corresponding cylinder (blinks if both cylinders).
61 : Error Code memory log - Displays 00 if no error code in memory, displays the Error Code if any (11 to 50). Display changes every two seconds if more than one Error Code in memory, then start again from first.
62 : Displays the number of Error Code in memory. To clear the memory, switch the Engine Run Switch to ON position (no backup).
70 : Check Code number, display from 0 to 255

Part III : Activators - To activate, turn Engine Run switch from OFF to ON - Engine check light is activated too
30 : Coil 1 is activated 5 times per second.
31 : Coil 2 is activated 5 times per second.
36 : Injector 1 solenoid is activated 5 times per second.
37 : Injector 2 solenoid is activated 5 times per second.
48 : Air duct solenoid is activated 5 times per second.
49 : Air intake solenoid is activated 5 times per second.
50 : Fuel injection relay is activated 5 times per second.
51 : Cooler fan is activated every 5 seconds.
52 : Headlight relay is activated every 5 seconds (2 seconds ON, 3 seconds OFF) - 2003+ model only.

Error Codes
The following ERROR codes DO NOT allow engine to run :
Error Number 11 : Cylinder identification sensor error - DIAG mode (none) - This code will allow engine to continue running only if fault appears after engine start.
Error Number 12 : Crankshaft posiiton sensor error - DIAG mode (none)
Error Number 19 : Sidestand sensor error - DIAG mode 20
Error Number 30 : The bike went down - DIAG mode 08
Error Number 33 : Coil 1 open circuit - DIAG mode 30
Error Number 34 : Coil 2 open circuit - DIAG mode 31
Error Number 41 : Tilt sensor error - DIAG mode 08
Error Number 50 : ECU memory error - DIAG mode (none)
Error Er-1 : ECU link error
Error Er-2 : ECU link error
Error Er-3 : ECU link error
Error Er-4 : ECU link error

The following ERROR codes DO allow engine to run but need immediate check because default values are taken by the ECU:
Error Number 13 : Air intake pressure sensor error - DIAG mode 03
Error Number 14 : Air intake duct error - DIAG mode 03
Error Number 15 : Throttle position sensor error - DIAG mode 01
Error Number 20 : Air pressure sensors error - DIAG mode (none)
Error Number 21 : Coolant temperature sensor error - DIAG mode 06
Error Number 22 : Air intake temperature sensor error - DIAG mode 05
Error Number 23 : Ambient air pressure sensor error - DIAG mode 02
Error Number 24 : O2 (lambda) sensor error - DIAG mode (none)
Error Number 42 : Speed sensor error / Neutral sensor in short-circuit - DIAG mode 07-21
Error Number 43 : Battery voltage control error - DIAG mode (none)
Error Number 44 : EEPROM read/write error - DIAG mode 60

          Deciphering • The YAMAHA Part Number

The Yamaha part number consists of 12 digits. Each number represents a specific piece of information related to a replacement part. Download the guide for reading and interpreting that long "XXX-XXXXX-XX-XX" number.  Download the document here.

          Add a hydraulic brake switch to your rear brake

How to remove the rear brake switch on your footpeg and install a hydraulic brake switch on the rear master cylinder. 
This will clean up the right side footpeg and give you that clean custom look. 

1 ) Drain brake fluid from rear master cylinder or pinch the hose(s) with vice-grips to limit fluid loss. Both the hose from the reservoir and the one from the caliper should be clamped if not draining the fluid completely to limit fluid loss.
2 ) Remove the rear brake line (the one between the caliper and the master cylinder) banjo bolt at the rear master cylinder.
3 ) Replace the banjo bolt with the Hyd switch (don’t forget to use new copper washers)
4 ) Torque the new switch (14-22 inch lbs)
5 ) Cut the wires at the OEM brake switch on the foot peg and reroute to the wires on the new hydraulic switch.
6 ) Wire the two leads to the two wires from the old spring switch that was mounted in front of the brake lever on the foot peg mount, doesn’t matter which wire to which.
7 ) Re-bleed the rear brake.
8 ) Check brake light accordingly.
9 ) You should now have a hydraulic activated rear brake that will operate the brake light without having to depend on a spring switch. 

Hydraulic Brake Switch PN: K&S 12-0010