Getting the Custom Rider Cruise control was the best $$ I've spent on my Raider HANDS DOWN! I have a bad case of Carpal Tunnel and this one little device has saved me. I can ride for hours now without getting numb hands. I can't say thank you enough!! I can once again be in the wind!!!!!
- Ken, VA

I ordered the 2 button cruise and I gotta say it is freakin awesome, works perfectly and arrived faster than expected. Great product, had everyting needed, and directions were dead on!
- Steve, FL

I've seen the cruise set up in person and itís very clean. In talking with Chilly, itís a well planned out system with a ton of miles and testing. This would be my next mod......
- Roadstarraider.com Member

I've seen the installation in person ... it looks fantastic and looks like it could have been a factory option! You won't be disappointed!
- Roadstarraider.com Member

First let me thank you for your work on the cruise control. Not often someone, with the shear will power, comes along to make this kind of thing happen. I will be breaking into the piggy bank and borrowing the rest for this awesome upgrade!!.. Thanks again.
- Roadstarraider.com Member

Thank you for creating this Kit. You installed this for me when it was still a prototype, and you worked on it until everything worked like it was meant to. You even solved my request for an engaged light when you had told me you weren't going to add it. You're a standup person and I was really happy to have met you.
- Rebecca, Coppell, Texas

I know Chilly and his guys from our common interest in Raider's. Everything he's come up with, I've had to have for my bike as well. It's just quality stuff. I had a 50's boy throttle lock, and it doesn't even compare to this kit. The cruise kit is just as good as the one on my Harley. Thanks, Keep the products coming. Looking forward to that ride to Asheville, NC this year with this thing.
- Dave, Richardson, Texas

I own a Roadliner. I had the same cruise electronics installed already when I found your site. I bought your brackets and a two button switch. I rewired to your wiring drawings because you had the clutch shutoff working, which I never could get to work with other instructions I found online. And you had a part for fixing myself canceling signals (which quit working after I installed the cruise many years ago). You helped me figure out why I couldn't get the rear fender on with the cruise box behind the battery, and even tho I had to cut a part of the rear fender, it was still a great place for the box to be mounted.
- Jim, South Dakota

I have the Custom Raider Cruise Control installed. It's not too hard to install if you have some mechanical and wiring knowledge. Expect a full day dedicated to it. The thoroughness of the install is top notch. Everyone I show it to has no idea where everything is hidden. Believe me you will love it enough to be bragging and showing it off. As far as the way it works, WOW! I love it. Can't help to go out and ride just to keep trying it out. It does require a small learning curve, but it becomes natural to use. Just mind when you engage it that you should be at a steady speed already. Helps to make for a smooth engagement. Thank you for making my ride easier.
- Jesse, Mineral Wells, Texas

I love it! It works perfectly! I've already taken it on over a 1000 mile ride and can't find a thing to complain about. Thanks.
- Gary, Florida

This was the best money I've spent in a long while. The install is a little overwhelming, but after a few calls to tech support, I had it up and running. Took me about a weekend to get it all done. Thanks
- Allan, Ontario, Canada

Given the right set of tools and a little know-how, I think anyone could do this on their own. It seems a bit overwhelming at first but I think if you just tackle it one step at a time, itís not as hard as it first appears. A four hour ride home felt more like two. The cruise control made all the difference. I was completely blown away by this cruise control. You really donít realize how much holding on to that throttle all the time takes out of you.
- Tod, Texas

Put this on my Strat. You told me I wouldn't need a splitter board that I saw in other write-ups. You were right. The mounting between the fender and the battery was a SOB without cutting the fender but I did get it. Hope to never take it off again. Maybe you can find another location for the servo that has more room. In your defense, you did say it was a tight fit on the Strato, I just didn't think it would be THAT tight. Anyway, it's in and works great. Clutch, Brake, Cancel, all of it.
- Rick, Arizona

I think it is the best thing I have put on my bike. I have done numerous mods to change the looks, but this is my favorite because it is so functional. My wife and I took a short trip (150 Miles) to the Louisiana Boardwalk yesterday and it made the trip so much easier. I just can't say enough about how much comfort it adds on Highway Time. You will love it if you try it. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT.
- Allen, Texas

I've done 900 miles on my bike since the cruise control was installed and used the cruise control for at least 75% of it!! I love it!!
- Keith, Texas, MyBikeForums.com Member

The cruise works flawlessly and turns our cruisers into long haul monsters. I always got cramps in my hand, NO MORE. Best money I have spent yet!!!!!
- Paul, Arlington, Texas

I'm putting in a recommendation for cruise control kit that Custom Raider (www.customraider.net) sells. I know you can go to brandondist.com and pick up the cruise and a switch for a little less, but the added value that Custom Raider provides is more than worth the extra money. They include a nice chrome-plated switch that mounts on the handlebar between the left grip and the switch housing, and looks like it came from the factory. That alone justifies the cost for me. These guys have spent many hours installing and adjusting the settings on the Rostra, and they seem to have dialed in all the correct options. Both the brake and the clutch disengage the cruise, and there is no need for a VSS signal splitter. Custom Raider has bundled the wiring harness and modified it to be the correct length for our bikes. They have integrated the relay necessary for the brake disengagement, as well as a small circuit that retains the self-canceling turn signals. Added hardware; e.g. a mounting plate for the servo and a bracket for the throttle cable, make the install relatively easy. Customer support is great too. The kit is originally designed for the Raider, but it works with our 'liners too. The servo mounts under the seat behind the battery box. The Raider's rear fender is short and there is plenty of room for the servo. The 'liner fender extends down at the front, and you have to make a 4" x 6" cut out. I initially did not want to modify the fender, but there is not a better place to mount the servo. I've read that it will fit in the air box under the tank, but I couldn't make it happen. I also did not want to mount the servo on the saddlebag hardware, because I regularly remove the hardware for cleaning and tire changes. In the end I made the cut out, and it's fine. I'm currently on a trip to New Mexico and the cruise is a great addition to the bike. I've injured the rotator cuff on my right shoulder, and the cruise is letting me enjoy the trip without a lot of pain. Get one of these if you're thinking about it.
- Jim, Texas, Star Stratoliner & Roadliner Forum Member

Great product, worth every penny. I was almost ready to buy XXX cruise control for my Roadliner but didn't want to take a chance on an overseas company. Found your website from the Delphi forums and bought your kit. I'd have paid more after trying it and loving it. Thanks. If you come out with one for my Roadstar, and my FJR1300, I'll buy them in an instant!!!
- Edward, Arizona

Got my Raider Beanie a couple of days ago, I've been wearing it ever since... Very warm!!
- Roadstarraider.com Forum Member

Just got mine today and they look sweet!!!! Great job and thanks.
- MyBikeForums Member

Just got my Beanie and I have to say...Very nice... Solid quality and the stitching is great. Thanks for a great product.
- Roadstarraider.com Forum Member

Just got the Raider Beanie I ordered from the CustomRaider site. Great looking product once again just like everything else you have put out on your site. I just wanted to take a second to thank you for the hard work you do and the great quality/customer service you do. It's great to have a fellow rider making/producing parts and apparel for the Raider's. I bought your custom GPS mount and it has been a homerun. Only problem now is that all my non Raider riding friends are asking me to try and get you to make these for their brands of bikes Haha. Ride safe brother and just wanted to commend you for a job well done. Keep it up.
- Josh, Texas

I got my black raider beanie today...have to say very nice!! I'll be putting caps and other goodies on my Christmas wish list.
- Roadstarraider.com Forum Member

Got my Raider caps today and I have to say they are quite nice. You want a nice cap this is it.
- Roadstarraider.com Forum Member

Got my hoodie today. Freakin' Awesome. Your motorcycle logo is way cool, and I like it with the Raider on the front. Please make more stuff for the raider. I'll buy it. Glad I found your site, and the raider rally site from your page link was totally cool. I'm already trying to make plans to go. Thanks..
- Alan, Colorado

Picked up the Hoodie at the Post Office today... Love it! Wore it to work, and even those Non-Raider riders liked it
- Keith, Texas

I like that mount better than mine. Where can I get one like that?
- Harley Rider at a Cinco De Mayo Bike Night

Just thought it was worth giving you a shout out. Got the transfer case cover...servo cover... and headlight bracket in. All came in quickly and looks top notch. Gonna look awesome! Thanks again for the prompt attention and top quality items that you sell....keep it up!
- Brian, Stuarts Draft, VA

Got the linkage, beanie & the hoodie today. All quality items. Thanks.
- Nikko, Oregon

Ordered the mill finish standard last week since they were going to be available on Monday. Got it in the mail today. This thing is the shit. I didn't realize the detail that it would have. It is milled on all sides and the word is readable on both the front and the back. I plan to powder coat it with some other parts and will send you pics when it's done. Great product. Love the calendar as well.
- Brian, Kansas, yamahamotorcycleforums.com Member

Very, very nice design gentlemen...beautiful piece, and very fairly price for the machining involved in that piece.
- Bill, Supreme Legends USA, Industry Professional

Received my linkage today. Nice quality and easy to install.
- John, North Carolina

Thanks for the great linkage. I wanted the letters to stand out more so I added black model paint to the parts that connect the letters. See the pics I sent. Love it. Maybe you can post up some of the pics and my email on how to do it on your website. Thanks again. Will be ordering some more apparel soon also.
- David, Dallas, Texas

Thanks for the early Christmas present. You guys are top notch!
- John, Spring Run, PA

It's (Shift Linkage) absolutely perfect and looks great. I love it and it's easily my favorite addition to the bike. I really appreciate what you did, great service.
- Darrell, Anchorage, AK

Thanks for making the extra long shift linkage for me. I didn't think you'd come thru after I emailed you. I'm the guy that was 6'7 and had the 5" extensions. But you did. Great customer service.
- Roland, Denver, CO

Bought your mount for my M109. You said your mount wasn't ready for my bike, but I bought it anyway since you had plans for making it mountable. I was suprised when you sent the mount parts and prototype install notes. Your technical support for the prototyped mount under the bar with just the single hole was right on and I had no problems at all. Mounted it near my left grip and it is the cleanest setup I've seen. My buddies are already asking where I got it. You should get some more orders soon. Thanks.
- M109 Rider

Ordered the Black Powder coated mount. Got it in two days. This thing is awesome on my bike. Matches the Raider black handlebar perfectly.
- Chris, West VA Raider Rider

First - Excellent cool amazing good job and product. Will be ordering one soon - thank you for sharing your efforts and ideas at a fair price.
- MyBikeForums.com member

Just received the GPS Mount today. Thank you for the help for installing the GPS. Nice job on the mount. Well thought out. Will post a few pics when i'm done.
- Ken, Pinellas Park, FL

Met you at Deals Gap, NC a few months ago. I had a Raider as well. You told me about your GPS mount and website. I bought one and I love it. If you come out with a design that can be used on other bikes, let me know. My riding buddies want one for thier bikes.
- Carlos, Miami Beach, FL

Ordered the GPS mount after talking to you on the phone. It was mounted on my Suzuki Boulevard C50. I mounted it upside down using your idea and the "threaded nutset" you explained. Thanks for sending the insert with the mount. After I got the rivet gun adapter and installed it, it was good to go. Quality product and design.
- Lisa, Addison, Texas

I am really happy that you pursued the idea of fabbing up this piece for our bikes. You acted faster than anyone I have ever seen. Good for us and great for all other Raider fans. I can't wait to get your mount.
- MyBikeForums.com member

Just went over your GPS mounting instructions. That is a great looking piece you made. I can't wait to get mine. 
- Raider Rider, Texas