GPS Mount Adapter Bracket

Our custom handlebar mounted bracket will leave your bike with a clean look when you don't want a GPS installed, and a nice close mounted professional look when you do.
Our GPS Mounting Adapter is a sleek handlebar mounted bracket that allows the user to mount most GPS, ipod, or music device cradle to your motorcycle.
The mount attaches to the underside of the handlebar and has a machined angled mounting face that places your GPS at the ideal angle for a quick glance while riding.
Mounting adapter plates for all of RAM-Mounts cradle configurations.  Adapters for orientation angles at 45 and 90 degrees, as well as AMPS mounting support.

RAM-Mount cradle sold seperately. Since many devices have a specific cradle design, we do not supply any device cradles on our website. RAM-Mount cradles can be found for your specific application at the RAM-Mount website or other online retailer. See our link below to help you find the cradle you require.

Key features include:
Machined from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum
Chrome Plated
Simple single bolt on/off application
Utilizes common bolt pattern found on most RAM Mount cradles.  Adapters available for specific orientation of your device if necessary
Seventy degree ( 70 ) angled mounting surface to properly orientate your device for easy quick glance while riding
Keeps your electronic device or GPS close to the handlebars to prevent vibration and movement when riding, making it easier to read than other handlebar mounts
Custom Raider GPS Mount
Shipping $10.05 USPS
Need a RAM-Mount Cradle

RAM-Mount makes several different types of cradle mounts for all types of devices.  Our custom bar mount uses the common "East<>West" mounting holes shown here.

An adapter plate can be purchased for cradle devices that would be better mounted "North <> South" orientation as shown here.  This adapter plate will also address the sometimes used "45 degree" mounting hole location. 

If you find that the RAM-Mount cradle for your device uses a bolt pattern requiring an adapter to allow you to orientate your device as desired, you will need to purchase an adapter.